Focus on your field of expertise and we will do the rest. Get loads of Benefits from our solutions:

• Your marketing effort is maximised
• Your social activity is aligned to your business goals
• Brand loyalty is built through interesting content & constant communication
• Extend audience reach through social sharing & outreach
• Engage & grow audience with creative campaigns
• Improve customer service with prompt response & solutions
• Increase web traffics through campaigns
• And many more…

Here’s what we do for our clients:
• Social Media Consultancy
• Social Media Management
• Social Media Content Development
• Social Media Channel Advertisement
• Social Media Campaign Strategy
• Social Media Application Development
• Social Media Customized In-House Training

Social Media Channels / Platforms we specialized in are:
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Instagram
• Youtube
• Twitter
• Google+
• Pinterest
• WhatsApp
• WeChat
• Blogs
• Weibo

And these are the areas we cover for our clients’ Social Media activities:
• Social Media Community
• Marketing
• Social Media Analytics
• Customer Relationship Management
• Customer Service
• Crisis Management
• Social Media Policy (Internal and External)
• Human Resource Management (Recruitment)
• Public Relations
• Sales Management 
• Events Management
• Research & Development
• Customer Loyalty Program
• Communication

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