3-in-1 Programme (Consultancy + Training + Implementation)

Build a Stronger Online Presence & Boost Digital Conversions

Increase Brand Awareness & Targeted Sales through Digital Branding & Marketing For Any Business

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What's In It

A Strategic Digital Branding and Marketing programme that consist of not 1 but 3 key elements for your company success online.

This programme consist of Personalised  Consulting, Customised Training and Coaching and Practical Implementation to grow your Digital Brand and build your company’s in-house Digital Capabilities to bring your business to speed in Market Expansion through Digital Transformation. All implementations are applied using your digital channels so you can use them in the future even when the programme is completed.

The programme aims to increase your online brand awareness, market and sell your services/products online with guaranteed result.

We Are Qualified

Established in 2007, we have been helping companies in their digital marketing journey with success and results. We help companies pivot their business online and bring them to have the capabilities to achieve their goals in the digital environment.

We build your company’s core capabilities in helping businesses prepare for growth and transformation by strengthening their business foundation in the areas of Strategic Digital Branding and Marketing. 

This programme helps your company better capture target audiences and gain online reputation by differentiating your brand, and your products and services. Get in touch with us on the programme details or hear our success stories.

Customised Social Media Marketing

Tailor-made according to Your Needs

Bespoke Digital Branding and Marketing

This hands-on programme is conducted on your digital channels for future reference and usage. The programme covers both strategic and tactical initiatives to meet the programme objectives. The sessions consist of consultation, training and coaching so you can quickly learn and apply the knowledge and skills in the shortest time.

What Will You Get

  • Ensure your Digital Branding and Marketing Strategy is effective and built to last so you don’t have to worry about doing it all over again.
  • Differentiate your Digital Brand from your competitors’ so your customers prefer you to them.
  • Build a strong Digital Brand online reputation, and tailor your marketing tactics to the industry trends and get everlasting brand recall from your target audience.
  • Precise targeting on your potential customers with less trial and errors and reduce your errors in your digital campaigns thus saving time and money.
  • Plot a course for optimal growth and lay out the exact tactics to enable you to reach your goals that increases sales and grow your business .
  • Acquire knowledge in digital branding and marketing that is customised to your business needs to pivot your business to the next level in your digital transformation.
  • Get digital advertising blueprints to future-proof your digital campaigns so you can be assured that whenever you invest in a digital campaign, you will achieve effective Return-Of-Investment.
  • Gain digital marketing insights and powerful data with analytic tool to evaluate how your digital channel is performing, enabling you toplan an effective digital marketing strategy and change tactics as necessary to achieve the best results.

Your Partner In Digital Growth For Branding And Marketing

Start Your Digital Presence

A brand without a digital presence is like a car without tires. It’s not going to get anywhere. Though old-fashioned, “analog” branding hasn’t quite gone the way of horse and buggy, businesses today need a strong digital branding to cement their real-world presence and the right digital marketing strategy to grow their business…

This programme is opened to all companies in any industries except those in public relations, advertising and marketing. As the package price is very special, we reserved the right to reject any company at our discretion. 

We launch this programme to help companies that face challenges to promote their business online and implement effective digital marketing strategy. As such, we have priced the programme at a highly discounted and very affordable rate.

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Consultant Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Richard Wong is a digital brand and marketing strategist and practitioner with more than 10 years in the industry.

A certified consultant in Digital Marketing, Blockchain and a seasoned ACTA trainer, he has more than 2 decades of corporate and entrepreneur experience.

Richard has an extensive market exposure from North to South Asia, and has solid corporate experience in sales, marketing and general management. An advocate for Digital Transformation, he started digital marketing in its early days, he has consulted, trained and worked on many projects with big and small companies with many success stories.

He has received many endorsement on his expertise and received countless number of recommendations and testimonials

Success Story

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Our client, a Singapore SME, that manufactures food paste started an online store to sell their products. They tried to promote the store on their own using social media. After spending some investment, the results they got were disappointing and discouraging. Their brand awareness did not grow and they had not much sales on their online store.

They embarked on this Digital Brand and Marketing programme with us. At the end of the programme, they received an increased in their brand awareness and sales on their online store. During the Circuit Breaker period, most of their products on their online store were all Sold Out!

Results Achieved

1. Increased Brand Awareness: Website visitors increase by 74.7% and new visitors by 78.54%

Website increase

2. Online store sales increased by 490%

Ecommerce sales increased


Some of Our Clients

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