Food paste manufacturer

E-commerce Sales Made Possible


  • The client is a food paste manufacturer in Singapore

  • Their products are sold to grocery shops, small supermarkets and on their e-commerce store


  • Increase brand awareness by getting more traffic to the company’s website by 30%

  • Increase online revenue by at least 10%

  • To capture potential customer database using Digital Marketing


  • The brand and product was launched in 2004 but they had difficulty in gaining brand awareness so they could sell their products to more channels

  • They developed the e-commerce store but were unable to drive online traffic to the e-commerce store which resulted in poor sales performance

  • Most of their customers bought their products from their resellers, therefore the company did not have many customers database


  • Awareness of the brand online with website visitors increase by 74.7% and new unique visitors by 78.54%

  • Increase of sales in their e-commerce store by 490%

  • More than 185 potential customer leads were collected within a short period of time

  • New customers requested their products to sell in major supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice